F.A. Management Solutions, Inc.



F.A. Management Solutions, Inc. purchases individual and portfolios of Florida judgments from individuals, credit unions, financial institutions, businesses and attorneys. We have a specific interest in deceased and bankrupt Florida judgment portfolios.


  • Allows you and your company to focus on your primary business
  • Provides immediate cash for your reinvestment, expansion and new business lending opportunities
  • Eliminates your need to risk laying out attorney fees in pursuit of legal strategies that may or may not over time prove to be effective
  • Eliminates your need to wait for possible contingency payments
  • Removes the risk of lost legal fees if a debtor declares bankruptcy
  • Exit strategy for monetizing bad debt with a modest cash return


Our company reviews your judgment(s) to evaluate overall value, then we contact you with an offer. Whether it is a single judgment or a portfolio of judgments, we evaluate and can buy judgments within days or just a week’s time. Once you agree to sell your judgment(s), we prepare an assignment of judgment, bill of sale, and affidavit of amount owing, for your notarized signatures. These documents clearly and concisely set forth details of the transactions, including the date of purchase and the purchase amount. Upon receipt of the signed paperwork, we immediately send you or your attorney either a check for the purchase price or wire the funds into the attorney trust account. Alternatively, you can close at our lawyer’s office, executing documents and receiving a check at the table when the deal is closed. The staff of FAMS and its representatives are available to help guide you through every step of the process and will address any question or concern you may have.